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Appropriate IT system administration has a direct impact on the continuity and the efficiency of their operation. The availability and reliability of IT systems, in particular in organizations offering their services 24/7, is our highest priority. The safety of infrastructure, including the safety of data, is the binding agent for the effective management of the infrastructure. DCG administrators make sure that the quality of our clients' products is as high as possible from the perspective of the final client.


Our administrators work in various business models – from single consultants dedicated to certain areas, to entire administrative teams, or they work in the form of administration services provided by DCG to its clients. Depending on the needs of our clients, our actions are most often focused on server administration, workstation administration or network administration. We develop, implement and pursue a safety policy, including making back-up copies, protecting workstations and servers. DCG administrators manage the software as well as the networks, including hardware and software optimization, audits or the modernization of existing solutions.

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