From the beginning of DCG’s existence, we have made every effort to ensure that together with our development comes the growth of the environment around us. As a technology company we undertake many activities, the foundation of which is care for the natural environment and our employees. We believe that our activities within the framework of sustainable development will not only contribute to changing the habits of our employees and partners, but will also be a good example or inspiration for other companies and contribute to the spread of the right attitudes.

Protection of the natural environment

At Diverse CG, we implement an ecological policy with great commitment, conducting actions and projects aimed at protecting the natural environment. Our activities in this area include:

Ochrona środowiska naturalnego

Pro-ecological education

We constantly remind our employees about the importance of caring for the natural environment. Thus, we encourage them and our partners to change their habits and take on pro-ecological activities, including segregating waste, reducing plastic consumption, saving energy and other activities aimed at changing bad habits.

Edukacja ekologiczna


We were one of the first companies to abandon the purchase of water in plastic bottles. Instead of water from plastic bottles, we have introduced tap water dispensers. This way, we reduced the generation of plastic waste by over 3,000 bottles per year. 

Redukcja zużycia wody i ''LESS PLASTIC by DCG

Waste segregation and hazardous waste disposal

Waste segregation is obligatory in all DCG offices. Our spaces are equipped with special bins and information on how to properly segregate waste. We also take care to follow the rules of waste disposal, such as batteries, in order not to pollute the environment even to a minimal extent.

Segregacja śmieci i utylizacja odpadów niebezpiecznych

Ecological gadets

We resigned from the production and purchase of gadgets and office supplies containing plastic.

Gadżety ekologiczne

Reducation of printouts

We introduced electronic document circulation and thus reduced the number of printed documents to an absolute minimum.

Redukcja wydruków

Reduction of electricity consumption

The lighting system in our office uses natural light, adjusting the intensity of artificial light to the current conditions.

Obniżenie zużycia energii elektrycznej

Care for employees

At the heart of all that we do is care for our employees and partners. We implement projects with great commitment to care for the development and well-being of our teams. Our activities in this area include:

Troska o pracowników

Respect, tolerance and equal treatment

We respect and treat our employees and partners equally. In all areas of our activity, we follow the principles of ethics and legal regulations. In order to promote the principles of equality and tolerance in our company, we have introduced a document called “Information on equal treatment and employment”. We also care about the equal treatment of men and women, ensuring not only equal access to knowledge, but also opportunities for promotion. As a result of our practice, over 60% of our managerial staff are women. 

Szacunek, tolerancja i równe  traktowanie

Caring for work comfort

We are distinguished by our care for our people and their work environment, in which they perform their duties. We care not only about the atmosphere that serves the development of our employees, but also about good working conditions and the well-being of employees and their health.

Troska o komfort pracy

The highest standards

We provide, among others, high-quality equipment, good lighting and ergonomic workplaces. As our team grows every year, we decided to change the office. The new space will meet the highest standards and will serve not only work, but also provide comfort to employees and take care of their development and health.

Najwyższe standardy

Lowering stress level among employees

We provide spaces for relaxation and thus reducing the level of stress. We also take care to observe breaks at work. Additionally, i.a. for employees who are parents, we have introduced flexible working hours and remote work.

Obniżanie poziomu stresu  pracowników

Taking care of health condition

We encourage our employees to take up sports activities and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our new office has been equipped with, among others, a bicycle parking lot and a special area for cyclists. In the era of remote work, we also encourage employees to exercise to eliminate stress and problems with spine. We also encourage our employees to take part in other sports activities.

Dbałość o kondycję zdrowotną

Compliance with working hours

We care for work-life balance. We want our employees to spend their free time with their families and loved ones, and to have time for their leisure and passions.

Przestrzeganie godzin pracy

Care for development

We constantly take care to improve the competences of our employees, enabling participation in training and conferences. We also give our employees the opportunity to share their knowledge.

Dbałość o rozwój

We care about work safety

We constantly train and inform employees about safety rules. In the era of COVID-19, we were one of the first companies to switch to remote work as soon as possible for the safety of employees and their families.

Bezpieczeństwo pracy

Caring for others

Along with our development, we do not forget about the people in need. Due to this, each year we organize:

  • regular fundraising actions to support the Dog Shelter in Celestynów;
  • Christmas charity campaigns for the Orphanage in Miechów;
  • collection of clothes for the Sarigato Fundation, the purpose of which is to raise funds for the education of children.
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