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If you need a ready product, a ready solution, a specific result of works, but, for various reasons, you don't want to make inquiries as to how many people will be involved in the project, how many hours a day will they work and you want to ignore HR elements – then Fixed Price is for you. We agree a specific scope of works, their result and then deliver the final product in a given period, according to the budget. DCG has a number of competences, as part of which it may support the Clients during development of software or execution of specific works.

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Model benefits

Each cooperation model has its unique benefits. To make your selection easier, we present those that, in our opinion, entail real benefits for you – benefits that sometimes are strictly business, sometimes are associated only with IT, and sometimes relate to HR issues.

 Selected benefits of Fixed Price

  • Known scope of works, costs and time frames, specified in advance
  • Transfer of responsibility to the supplier
  • Transfer of all risks to the supplier
  • Lower personal and infrastructure outlays on the part of the Client necessary to obtain a desired result
In-depth analysis of the Client's needs, definition of the scope of works, budget and schedule.
Implementation of the project on the part of DCG
Acceptance of the project by the Client.
How it works?

Business models adopted in DCG constitute a framework we used in our operations. We can treat it as a set of specific rules, that we will follow in cooperation, or as a signpost, which will set a direction, and after negotiations, we will tailor this solution to your needs, so that it better suits you.

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