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Our network specialists are responsible for the most complex environments in global institutions. Day and night duties, work in global Command Centers or local network management are only some areas in which we support our Clients. Network monitoring is a field requiring particular caution, professionalism at every stage and compliance with the highest standards, including safety standards.


DCG provides computer network management services including such tasks as the implementation, integration and coordination of hardware, software and people for monitoring, testing, polling, configuring, analyzing and assessing the control over the computer network and its resources. We implement the monitoring by observing and analyzing the network as a whole, its particular nodes as well as the end systems. Access to monitored information, designing monitoring mechanisms and the application of the monitored information – these are the expectations of our Clients. Thanks to their many years of experience, DCG network specialists are able to meet not only these requirements but also to suggest optimum solutions based on the latest technologies. They have the highest certificates available on the market, are not only excellent everyday specialists, but they are often advisors and even architects for certain solutions.

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