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IT Security is a set of issues related to telecommunication and IT connected with the estimation and control of risk resulting from the use of computers, computer networks as well as transmitting data to remote locations, discussed from the perspective of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Our contractors know the latest methods of assessing safety and controlling hazards. We choose our team members in such a way so that they recognize and are able to deal with the most important problems in IT safety, among others, password management, DoS/DDoS, social engineering or creating an awareness of safety in IT systems.


The numerous tasks of our specialists include, among others: monitoring systems and applications in terms of the occurrence of security incidents; analyzing and classifying the detected events and incidents as well as participating in solving them; taking active part in the implementation of new solutions related to the safety of systems and applications; implementing and coordinating works related to security tests for the infrastructure and the applications. The competences of our consultants also include high analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

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