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Help Desk and Service Desk are parts of the organization responsible for accepting reports from users and controlling their solutions. DCG contractors are single points of contact who directly solve the problems of internal users or the clients. The duties of our specialists include, among others: cooperating with the company's employees, accepting various kinds of inquiries from users as well as defect reports, classifying reports, informing and supporting the users in the case of a system failure, quick diagnosis and problem solving, as well as keeping an error log, cooperating with subsequent lines of support and external companies in the case of more serious problems as well as caring about the high quality of customer service related to the provided services. Our Specialists have good practical knowledge of the Windows and Linux systems.


They also know how to build and administer LAN, WAN networks. Many of them have experience with SQL, experience in supporting IT systems as well as end users. Our consultants are also characterized by politeness, full professionalism, communication skills, reliability as well as openness. Support in foreign languages is also one of our strengths.

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