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The corporate IT architecture is one of the strongest competences of DCG. Today companies spend the greatest amounts in IT expenses not on new systems supporting customer relations or systems facilitating production, but on the integration of possessed IT resources and on the implementation of new solutions in the field of IT architecture.


When solving various IT problems for our clients, we very often touched the business strategy of our Client, including the computerization strategy. For this reason, it is very important for us that our architects are top-class experts. Whether we implement projects related to business architecture, data architecture, software architecture or technological architecture, we are aware of the need to provide the highest quality. Our architects work with smaller, local projects and create global solutions. We have the honor to work with the best architects on the market who create the foundations for single applications or complex systems, as well as with those who are responsible for the infrastructure of the largest global corporations.


Our architects define the highest possible standards, at the same time implementing DCG's mission of being part of the most trusted companies in the trade. Our values, such as commitment, flexibility, loyalty or honesty, motivate all actions of our architects whose work is dedicated to our Clients.

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