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EMPLOSYS application was developed for the purpose of comprehensive service of business processes implemented within the professional HR department.


It is an innovative tool used to manage recruitment projects and candidates as part of implemented projects. It allows you to reduce the costs of recruitment as a result of numerous automated processes and advanced functions, related, among others, to preparation of job descriptions, browsing of the resume database and communication with candidates. Convenient management of candidates' applications optimises time required for effective implementation of projects.


Service description


Model benefits

EMPLOSYS is intended for companies without a system supporting management of the recruitment process, as well as for companies that use a system which does not meet all their expectations.


  • AUTOMATION OF PROCESSES - The application supports and handles recruitment, delivering ready-made statistics and analyses.
  • OPTIMISATION OF COSTS - Improved organisation translates into a higher profitability of the team of recruiters or the HR department.
  • REVOLUTIONARY SEARCH ENGINE - A unique function of advanced search for data in application documents.
  • COMPLIANT WITH GIODO REQUIREMENTS - Personal data of candidates are protected in accordance with valid regulations
  • FAST IMPLEMENTATION BY DCG - Substantive support and training courses provided by consultants of Diverse Consulting Group with regard to use of the application.
How it works?

Business models adopted in DCG constitute a framework we used in our operations. We can treat it as a set of specific rules, that we will follow in cooperation, or as a signpost, which will set a direction, and after negotiations, we will tailor this solution to your needs, so that it better suits you.

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